Noise in Way


The Music is a Mass Ok..!! Organizing Some Files Here About How We Can Find Structural Noise Around According To Creativity in Our Lives..So This is a Sample in Combination with Instrument and Basic Computer all Together but Having on Count The Best Performance About Balanced Sound..Here it Go and Enjoy..!!Noise in Way (NW) 1

Share or Sale

Here as you Can See..Making Some Notes Around...

Picking Piano Pop…

All Right..!! So at This Time We Can See Here This Expression (Share or Sale) & (Sale or Share)..Just in My Opinion Thru Experience in This Life Watching Around I can Write Some Observation About of This..So in The Last Century The Market Situation Was Very Different Than Today Cause All Things Was Focused Only for (Make Money)..but Now Every Things Has Change in Other Similar Direction..That is (Move Money) do I Meant Make or Move..? Ok I’ll Say More About it For Example Actually We can See The Big Boom Generated From Social Media Like FB/TwT/ and Others..but What Was The Formula..? Simply Moving The User in Connection with Others and So On..Even When You See or Hear About Some Big Company or Public People That Go Down in Bankruptcy is Because They don’t Moved Money So Just Made it..In My Last Note I Mentioned My Idea About Launch (Fan-Fundation)..Focused in How Move Money and Members in Global Benefits..Becoming in This Case All My Sub’s and Sup’s in (MEMBERS)of(TRACKTOWER)..So All Of You Know.. What That I Talking About..?? Nice.. For Go To Next Level Together You Must Buy Some Mp3 from My Album (Cyb3rClv3) and Let Me Know in Brief That You Did it (if You Like My Music of Course) Cause This Proposal is Not Obligation.. but Can be a Real Option That Could Help To Change Your Life for Good.. but (Just You Choose it) Fact is Not About Fame or Bunch of Money in My Pocket like Others Usually Do..Cause They Think To Make Money Because of Followers..My Way is Move The Money According To The Data Members in This Web in Global Benefits..and I Know That Seem a Really Wreck Idea Cause is Difficult To See Other Artists Doing That..Ah..!! But My Proposal is Running According With The Actual Times.. Where Every One Need Attention..So Is Not About Giving Autograph in The Shop or Receiving Pic’s in Red Roof Like a Model or Even Making Strange Sign or Attitude on Big About Connection and Cool Communication Around with All Of You Like MEMBERS…Well Ok Only I Wanted To Share My Appeal with This Space in Development Issue..I Could be Famous Long Time Ago but I Decided to Be a Virtual Artist..The Future of The Web-Media if GOD Give Me This Opportunity..Thanks for Stop Here,For Subscribe and Support Around..Until Soon

Web’s at War

Hey..! i got This Picture w/ my Mobil

This Kind of Spider can Grow up a Little More

Well..Well Dears Subs and Sups..!! Ok Today as You can See Above i’ll Write About This New Situation in Brief..So What’s Web at War..!? This Term is Very Real but is not About Material War,is a Matter of Virtual War Almost in All Aspect About Traffic,Items,and Else..but The Question is What do We do in Between..?? Really i don’t Have a Clear Right Answer but I Can To Expose Some Experience Around at Least in (Music/Social/Market/Media) Enough To Tell Something Around..Then Let Me Explain How We Can Survive in This Virtual World Coming Soon..(Honesty) is Very Necessary to Go Forward To Interact with Others Peoples..(Respect) About Build a Clear Reputation About Our Customs,Jobs,Habits Avoiding Illegal issues..At This Time The Media Web is becoming More Monetization Than Socialization..I Meant That We Must To be Prepared and Educated to Sail According with This Wave Cause Imminent Changes Are Coming and Depend of How Are or is Our Social Net.. Will Be The Result Around in Many Ways,Cause That is The Record Like References..(Cooperation) This is The Most Delicate Affair in all Times Because is Mixed with Trust and For Years This Kind Has been Manipulated in Wreck Manner..but Almost Always That is The Way to Win a “War” Though..When I Mention (War) I Meant Difficult Times,Like Crisis,Changes,Urban Mess..etc So The Class Media is Disappearing and Just Will Be Two Groups (Poor or Power) and as You Can See This is Actually Happening Around..So Really Won’t To Change The World,I am NOT GOD and HE HAVE All The POWER to DO That..but MeanWhile Like Terrestrial I am Thinking Like Musician To Build a (Fan-Fundation) Not About Becoming a Famous Because of About Survival Together So The Fame Not Have Space Here at Least To Me..For Instance This Foundation Will Run Around Exchange..and If You Are Interested To be Part on it..I Need Firstly To Sell My Material or I Need That You Buy My Material Cause Sadly If Anyone Want To Do Something Great The Money is Necessary for Real..and Besides We Need To be in Contact Always..Thanks AnyTime for Be Here,For Support and Else,Even I am Working in My Next Album..Greetings

Back To Base (Creativity)

Low LightOk..Ok..!! and I  See That The Number of Sub’s or Sup’s Are Raising but Let Me Tell You Something..Really This Site is About How To Introduce Some Artists or Anyone Indeed To Get Structural About Itself Like a Person..Firstly Remember That Our Life is a Art in Different Ways  and Music is a Universe of Senses in Between Around.. and Can be Healthy   Depending on How We Use it..So Here is The question..(Back to Base) and (Structural)..?? Well as You can See Now More Than Ever Everything Have a Multi-Pattern Policy Cause is Not About More There..!! including Terms,Conditions,and Instructions and This is Now The Global System..for Instance The Bible is The Real Manual for Human Kind and  May be is Not About Matter of Pattern-Policy To Us..We Need To Have Connection with Our CREATOR..!! Like Computer Need app’s and up’s From The Factory Creator and All Things Follow The Same Fact’s  and That is The Structural Situation…BACK to BASE.. and if We don’t Have This Then We Can’t Expose Anything..and That is The ART..but I am Referring to Be  BALANCED Like Structural if We Throw This Policy Everything Around Could be a Real MESS..for Example We Can Read in Musical Language this Technical Terms..(Balanced Sound,Balanced Cable,Balanced Mic..Balanced items About Bass and Drums,Lights,Consoles)..etc for Give a Perfect Performance and Else..Why..??  so Sure That You Got The Answer…GOD is Art and We Are The Peripheral Items..and We Must to Maintain The Balance for Good Performance in Our Life’s..Cool Conclusion..  So Please Feel Free To Check My Yellows Links on The Base..Keep Believing,Thinking,Loving at Least Virtually in The Web and Try To Be Structural about Creativity…Thanks for Passing..I’ll  be Here Soon and Best Regards


TrAckTooLHey..Here..!! Ok Now Again.. and I’ll Share That Amazingly I am Receiving Notifications About More Sub’s Here and I am Glad Cause.. Well I Must to Make The Most To Keep All Of You Comfy Around..So at This Time Let Me Explain in Brief How To Identify a Real Serious Music Web According To Help Launch Your Material..but Remember That All Them Have a Reason in Some Way..Otherwise  I Suggest To Find..Who Have a Basic Policy About Distribution,Promotion,Administration,Including a Simple Real Way To Register Your Album or Singles on Behalf of Codes or Files..There are Some Services like RingTones Too for Instance..You’ll Find a System of Fees To Get This and Be Sure To Follow Step by Step All Instructions About it..Usually is Not Expensive if You Have a Good Pocket-Plan To Introduce Your Project.. So Prepare Before.. Enough Material (10-12) Songs To Embrace in Full That Opportunity Though..Doing This Just it Can Go To RadioWeb To Connect and Sing up The Official Link There.. Some Times For Free for Extra Promo and There You Can Take a Measure About How People are Receiving Your New Proposal..This Kind of Web Generally Get a Lot of On Line Stores To Locate Your Album or Single in The Way Ready To Sale…Well I Hope That with This Tips You Are on Run in The Road..but don’t Forget to Have Faith,Believe and Praise to GOD in Order to The Life…Thanks and I’ll be Here Soon Adding Some Fresh Notes on This Matter..Best Regard..Pronto


Lightly and Loudly

Welcome to Theo Music

Hey..Hi or Hello Here Dear Sub’s or Supporter..!! Thanks Again for Passing by Around..Ok Now I Would Like To Write About How To Get Your Material onto Actual Music Market..As You can See There are A Lot up Consultants,Books,Manuals,Webs Offering Solutions,Ways,Forms and on..To Do This or That Though..All Them Have a Reason…But in My Experience The Steps is More Simple That it Seem..and Let Me Expose at least The Basic Dots to Get Inside This Market According To The Virtual Times..Firstly You Need To Be Sure That You Want Go on Focus,Concentration,Discipline,Preparation,and Have Time for This Dream..After You Must To INVEST in Your LAB..I Meant (Computer,Instruments,Programs,Items and Education) To Improve Your Material Like Massive Songwriter/Musician..Be Creative Avoiding Covers..Keep Informative,Exploring Possibilities All The Time..and Finally Seek Real Web That can Help You To Expose Your This Case There are Many Roads So Be Careful Because You Can Get Detour on Your Project..and Try To Get Registered Because if You don’t.. Will be Impossible To Sale Your Music..don’t You..? Well in Conclusion Analyze All Things and Follow Step by Step all Instructions When You Get The Real Platform.. That it’s.. Ok May be Next Time I’ll Expose How To Identify The Real Media Web to Launch Your Dream Briefly…Thanks and Best Regards


Here Music and Good New's..Check it..!!

Oh..!! Well and Ok  Dear Friends..(Sup’s=Supporters) Has being  Some Time From The Last Note Here.Cause I Was Working a Lot in Others Net Project About My Music Material and Even You can Check it on Blog Roll in The left down..Though Thinking Too How To Organize All Things That I Have For All of You Like Exposure..For example did You Know That in The Bible Almost all Psalms Are Musical Composition Wrote For David King..?? and Interesting Matter That He Was a Warrior Too..Father of Solomon The Wise Man in The History Before Christ..all Right so Else About Music..and Did You Know That The Jericho Walls Was Took Down with Trumpets Sound because of Israel’s Nation Was Playing Around The Great City…?? Here it Go The God’s Miracle About The Music..!! Indeed Thanks for Subscribed Here and You can Get Me Checking My Links in Front..I’ll Be Here Soon..God Bless You..Greetings


See Something..


Hey..!! Hi or Hello (Sub’s=Subscribers) and Thanks a Lot if You Get This Space Though and I’ll Tell to All Of You That if Is Possible Please Can Check it All My Links and Try To Contact ViA (Twitter or Facebook) in BlogRoll Here To Know With Whom I am Chatting Cause I Very Busy Around even Not Time to Attend This Page but i Got Interesting Info About Basic Recording,Music,etc That Will Be Here Anyway For All Subscriber..Just Be on Track and Trace and don’t Forget To Send a Sign..God Bless You All and I’ll be Back..Pronto ($ingle $ong’s $ummer)



American Way

{Fighting for Faith}  Hey..Here Again..!! Ok As You can See I’d put Some Space in This Web to get a Little Communication with Subscriber (Subs) Though.. First of All Thanks a Lot To Passing by and Make a Stop and For Instance This Look Like a Real WebMess but May be Will be My Style Around For Now..Ok Weber’s at This Time I’ll Make Mention About a Interesting Prophecy About The Fall of Big Babylon and The impact on The Music Market and Even in Our Lives so Please Check it Out on The Bible in This Passages (Rev 14:8/Rev 16:19) and Mean While Make a Comparison About The Happening Almost in This Moment in The News Around The World…Coincidence..? All Right Next Time I’ll Write Some Info About Music Recording and Programs..Enjoy and Think About it..Regards